Work in Progress: Black and Amber

I had a vision of an all-black piece, with amber chips scattered throughout. I decided that since I was doing a mostly monochromatic piece, I would use as many different sizes, finishes, and shapes as I could. So I gathered together black beads in size 15 (the smallest ones) in both matte and shiny, size 11, size 8, size 6 in both matte and shiny, and matte cubes.

Here is what it looked like a few hours into the piece


The amber chips were a bit of a problem, as some of them were drilled too near the edge and would break if I put the thread through them to many times, so I had to go through and cull all those out, making sure I had only good sized sturdy chips with nice holes close to the middle.

Closeup of work in progress:


It’s coming along nicely, so please stand by for a view of the finished necklace.